It’s Getting Hot in Here


It’s Getting Hot in Here
Sarah Phelan
Hours before all hell broke loose over at City hall over news that he'd been having an affair, Mayor Gavin Newsom showed up at the SFPUC's Climate Change summit to endorse long overdue efforts to combat global warming.

“God’s delays are God’s denials,” began Newsom, blissfully unaware that his former appointments secretary Roby Rippey-Tourk was about to confess to her husband Alex Tourk about the affair, and that Tourk would immediately confront the mayor--and resign from his post as Newsom's campaign manager. Ouch.

Looking chill in his trademark ice-blue tie, Newsom remarked that there had been no snow in the Alps during his recent trip to Davos, Switzerland, little suspecting that he'd be quite so red-faced by the end of the day.

In addressing climate change today, observed Newsom, “we’re burdened with mistakes from the past," adding that this past, and not just the future, must be part of “the next narrative.”
Expressing enthusiasm for tidal wave and solar power, and efforts to measure where we're at with our carbon emissions’ levels , the Gavsta wrapped up saying, “We’re willing to take great risks in San Francisco.”

And then Newsom was gone, little guessing that while water managers heard incontrovertible evidence that global temperatures and sea levels are rising, bringing a host of nasty side effects and consequences, he'd be finding himself up to his neck in political and emotional hot water as a result of his own past denials and risk takings. Double Ouch.