Will 49er tailgating burn the Alice Griffith Housing Project?


By Sarah Phelan

Residents of the Alice Griffith Housing project were a tad upset when they learned that Mayor Gavin Newsom's retooled effort to stop the 49ers from dumping San Francisco could involve their homes being demolished. A resolution that came before the Board the day before the Mayor's Sex scandal hit, included the surprising news that over the past 18 months developer Lennar, working in cooperation with the 49ers and the City, had created a preliminary plan that would provide a world-class stadium 49ers stadium and related mixed-use development. This development would consist of about 6,500 housing units, including affordable units and the replacement of the Alice Griffith Public Housing Development.
According to a letter from Newsom that was included with the Feb. 6 Board of Supes package, "The city and the Bayview in particular will benefit from extensive jobs and economic development opportunities, over one thousand units of affordable housing--including replacing the Alice Griffith housing project for the benefit of Alice Griffith residents."
The problem was that Newsom hadn't share this vision with the Alice Griffith residents and the few that showed up to the Feb. 6 Board meeting, which took place during the workday, expressed outrage at being left out of the loop.
As one lady said, waving a copy of the resolution in one hand, as she pounded the public comment lectern with the other "It's not OK to have this in here without my input."
Another, a single mother with four kids, recalled having to fight for four years to get into the project, in the first place. "I don't want you guys to knock it down," she said.
As Lavelle Shaw of the Alice Griffith Tenants Association told the Guardian, " a lot of things seem to be going in through the back door. We want to be at the table for the replacement housing. And it can't just be affordable. We want it to be low-income."
As a result of all this uproar, Sup. Sophie Maxwell demanded a hearing, during which the resolution was reworded, reports Shaw, to give AG residents greater input. That said, Shaw urges folks to show up at the Feb. 13 Board of Supervisors meeting, to express their feelings, fears and desires.

Don't know about you, but i sure wouldn't want to be roasting hot dogs when displaced folks descend