Guess who supports term limits?


By Tim Redmond

I've never been a big fan of legislative term limits. Sending legislators packing after a few years shifts to much power to the lobbyists and the executive branch. So I'm glad to see that labor is pushing to modify San Francisco's term-limits law. Bevan Dufty, who says he is only going to serve two terms anyway, is taking the political heat and leading the charge on this; good for him.

Who do you suppose is leading the campaign to keep the current two-term limits? It's Wade Randlett and the folks at SFSOS! No surprise: They desperately want to get rid of sups. Aaron Peskin, Chris Daly and Jake McGoldrick, and since they can't seem to do it the old-fashioned way, by winning elections, they want to make sure the progressives are termed out.

That puts them right up there with the Republicans in Sacramento.

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