SF Democrats and the war


By Tim Redmond

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee is going to vote Feb. 28th on a resolution against the war. That shouldn't be a big deal; everyone in San Francisco is against the war, right?

But the resolution, by Rafael Mandelman, Robert Haaland, and Michael Goldstein, does more than oppose the war; it calls on the Democratic leadership in Congress -- that's our own Nancy Pelosi -- to overturn the resolution authorizing the president to use force and to cut off all funding for further hostilities, "except as necessary to provide for the safe and orderly withdrawal of all troops in Iraq."

It ought to be a slam dunk in this city, but I bet there will be some strong opposition to the resolution -- from people who fear embarassing or confronting Pelosi.

Crazy: This doesn't hurt Pelosi a bit. In fact, it gives her leverage with the moderates in her party to say that back home, her constituents are demanding action.

This ought to go to a roll-call vote; I'll keep you posted on how it comes out.

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