Who will be with Leno at the kickoff?


By Tim Redmond

That's the question all over San Francisco politics now that Leno has announced he's running against state Sen. Carole Migden. His campaign kickoff is at noon this Friday, at YBC, and it will be the first sign of what sort of support he's been able to line up.

The people who show up will risk infuriating Migden, which is nothing to trifle at (and will make it tougher for city officials, who have to work with her on legislation). Leno is much calmer and milder, but he'll also remember who his friends are (and aren't).

Sup. Tom Ammiano, who is running for Leno's seat (with the endorsement of both Leno and Migden) tells me he's staying neutral. It would be hard for him to do anything else at this point. But soon, lots of local politicos are going to have to take sides, then live with it for a year as the race gets hotter and hotter.

Friday is Opening Day. Let's see who comes out to play.

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