Fast start in 9


By Steven T. Jones
The next Board of Supervisors race would appear to be only a faint blip on the horizon -- coming as it does after this year's mayor's race, the presidential primary a year from now, and the state primary fight in June '08 that will feature the Leno-Migden battle royale -- but contenders are already starting to position themselves. Nowhere is that happening quicker than in District 9, where Tom Ammiano will vacate his seat and try to smoothly hand it over to the man he considers his heir apparent, David Campos, who has been quietly lining up support all over town. Police reform advocates were happy to see Police Commissioner Campos hold out for a tougher early intervention system, a bold move that showed he's not as afraid of the Police Officers Association as too many pols are here in town. And Campos is likely to have the queer community solidly behind him. But the heart of Dist. 9 is in the Mission and Campos is likely to face a strong challenger from longtime Mission activist Eric Quezada, and maybe day laborer advocate Renee Saucedo, who ran against Ammiano last time. And from the more conservative side of the equation, Miguel Bustos will also likely throw his hat into the ring, although this is one of the city's most lefty districts. So, almost two years early, this is already looking like it's going to be a Campos-Quezada slugfest. Dontcha just love politics?