The dreaded school letters


By Tim Redmond

The letters go out today assigning kids to SF public schools, and often there is wailing and gnashing of teeth when parents don't get their very first choice. I agree, the system isn't perfect, but my advice, as someone who went through it and though he'd been utterly screwed, is: relax. There are a lot of good schools in SF; you don't have to be in Rooftop or Clarendon.

We visited all the supposedly top schools, applied for seven of them, and got none of our choices. Then on the second round, we discovered McKinley -- and we couldn't be happier.

So don't freak if you don't get Clarendon. I complain about the administration all the time (well, not so much now that Arlene Ackerman is gone), but the truth is, the district has come a long way, is improving, and there are lots of great places to send your kid.

So don't panic.

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