Where are the protesters?


By Tim Redmond

That's the question ABC news is asking It's always annoying when this sort of stuff comes from the mainstream media, which always tend to downplay the size of protests. (Note that the Chronicle ran a big story about pro-war demonstrators on Saturday).

But it's absolutely true that there were fewer people on the streets this weekend than we saw four years ago, and that the crowd was mostly controlled and orderly. Even the die-in was fairly orderly, and the arrests went without incident.

I know there's a lot of protest burnout going on, and people don't feel like the White House cares. Which is absolutely true. But there's also been a shift here: The battle has moved to Congress, and activists are putting pressure on everyone from Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership to the likes of Ellen Tauscher in the East Bay, who is almost certainly going to face a primary challenge over the war.

Remember: We have won the debate. Almost everyone agrees now that the war was a bad idea and has to end. Don't get discouraged; keep up the pressure.

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