Rudy G's MySpace profile is set on private


By Sarah Phelan

By now, everyone knows that all the presidential candidates have posted their profiles at MySpace (Current most popular: Barack Obama with 75754 friends. Poor Hillary: 3355 friends -- Ed.)

But did you know that Rudy Giuliani’s MySpace profile is set to private—meaning you have to be one of his “friends” before you can read all about him.
Fellow SFBG staffer, Paula, was totally unimpressed and zinged him an email to say, "You're a public official. How dare you set your profile to private!"

We’ll let you know if she ever gets a response.

Seems to us that if you're running for president, you'd want people to know about you. D'oh. Unless of course you have some deep dark agenda that only your political "friends" get to hear about in advance.