My "Save Oaks" bad


by Sarah Phelan

Photographer Jack Gesheidt (he of rollerblading naked through San Francisco fame) just called to alert me that the website for the group organizing the ongoing efforts to save the beautiful mature Coast Live Oaks is

I mistakenly posted link in our print version this week, thereby misdirecting readers to a site about the Bacterial Leaf Scorch plague in the Delaware Valley. Oops.

What I meant to do was send readers to a site which educates people about UC Berkeley’s plans to make a bunch of squirrels, birds and beetles homeless so they can build a stadium on a fault line.


While on the phone, Gesheidt shared details of last weekend’s shoot to save Berkeley’s Memorial Grove. The shoot involved about 75 souls, who braved sub optimum temperatures and bared all, in an effort to save 38 Coast Live Oaks from being axed.

‘The Police came and did their bluster, telling us we’d be arrested if we proceeded, at which point about 5 people wandered off, while 5 others wandered in,” Gescheidt recalls.

‘The police, no sunglasses in the way, looked me in the eye and told me that we’d be in violation of public nudity ordinances and subject to arrest, but then they left us alone.”

After that, Gescheidt and his volunteer models did a “dressed rehearsal”, before taking it off while a clutch of 100 spectators and the running dogs of the press looked on.

“With the police being there, I didn’t feel we could do this lazily,” Gescheidt says. “We lay down to connect with the earth.”

To see more pix from Gescheidt’s beautiful shoot, go to which is part of his TreeSpirit Project web page. I think you'll agree that flesh on--and under bark--really is worth saving.