Another one bites the dust


By Steven T. Jones
Charlie Goodyear, a veteran political reporter for the Chronicle and my colleague on the City Desk NewsHour, has resigned from his journalism jobs to work for high powered flack Sam Singer, whose clients include Lennar Corp., the 49ers, and former Newsom consorts Alex and Ruby Tourk. I like Charlie and have respected his work, so it's sad to see yet another experienced journalist leave the business. Like most who have done so, Charlie was pushed out by the increasingly unhappy environment at the Chronicle, which is pursuing yet another round of staff reductions, and pulled by the lure of big money offered by the public relations industry.

So Goodyear is out, but terrible political reporter Carla Marinucci remains. Ugh, it's just so disappointing. She struck again this morning and has apparently added disgraced former Newsom flack Peter Ragone to her regular stable of the most underhanded center-right Democratic Party political consultants (he joins Chris Lehane and Wade Randlett), the people she tries to pass off as having their fingers on the pulse of the current political zeitgeist but who actually push a distorted and destructive view of our political possibilities. And over at the Examiner, in 2005 we lost smart and solid City Hall reporter Adriel Hampton to the City Attorney's Office and picked up the ever-irritating and egocentric Ken Garcia instead (a sin the Examiner compounds with big promotions calling Garcia the "voice of the city" -- yeah, right, maybe the Marina and St. Francis Wood, but not the city that I know and love). I weep for my profession.