Candlelight vigil for murdered Nicaraguan immigrant


By G.W. Schulz

Friday vigil for Ruby Ordenana, aka Ruby Rodriguez

Supporters of the strangulated Nicaraguan immigrant and transgendered sex worker Ruby Ordenana held a candlelight vigil for her on Friday at Indiana and Cesar Chavez streets in Potrero Hill where her body was found stripped of clothing March 16.

Police were finally able to identify her last Thursday and are still trying to figure out what happened. Another transgendered sex worker was found beaten and raped in the same area last summer, so people are reasonably enough a little freaked out. Just 27 years old, Ordenana faced all manner of obstacles already, even in San Francisco, without having to face the threat of a violent assault.

We haven't found any updates on the investigation so far, but good sam bloggers should keep posting the SFPD's homicide division phone number for witnesses to call with information: 415-553-1145.

Some clown called into the Chronicle complaining about the paper's respect for Ordenana's MTF gender identity. What's it to you, pal? Your crime blotter has to be politically sterilized, too? He even suggested such reporting was to blame for the Chron's declining circulation. Uh, yeah. And by extension, perhaps, the city's homicide rate could somehow be directly linked to the Chron's declining circulation. That probably has more to do with industry factors and the Chron's dorky lifestyle coverage, e.g. the lackluster sex column. Just my guess, goober.

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