Video shows why caging Wolf sucks


By Sarah Phelan
Josh Wolf wasn’t the only person to film the July 8, 2005 G-8 protest. Nor was he the only person to be interviewed by the FBI. But he is the only person to be incarcerated for refusing to give up his video outtakes of the protest. This latter reality lends weight to Wolf’s suspicion that the reason the federal government jumped on the case is connected to the Bush administration's obsession with anarchists. The truth is that there is no footage of the attack om the police officer on Wolf's tapes, but there is footage of Black Bloc anarchists talking into his camera.

Transgender videographer Dina Boyer, who works for AccesSF Channel 29 and is not an anarchist told the Guardian that about three weeks after she filmed the July 8, 2005 protest—and posted outtakes of it online under an assumed alias—FBI officials showed up at her home.

“I don’t know how they knew it was me, since I and Nadia, my hostess for our public access show, had posted it under an alias at a site where you don’t need to list your name or address ,” Boyer says.
The FBI wanted to know if the women had been at the event and if they had any video footage and pictures.

“I showed them a few pictures of people on the ground, like Gabe Myers. [Myers was the young man that Wolf also filmed being choked by the police at the demonstration and who was initially charged with felony lynching and resisting arrest, until DA Kamala Harris dropped the charges.]

Boyer said she refused to give the FBI the video, which shows Wolf in several places, “usually not too far from where I was standing on the sidewalk,” says Boyers, who was asked to cover the protest by an acquaintance at City College. “It also shows him complying with police orders and carrying a video camera, not acting as a protester, but as a video journalist. the video also shows that he wasn’t around the officer who got hit. I think it sucks that the feds took Wolf off the streets and that they are going after someone who wasn’t even at the scene of the crime.”

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