Leno and Ma Scrutinize Alcatraz


by Amanda Witherell

Did poo get washed into the bay or not? Mark Leno and Fiona Ma really want to know. They've written another letter to the National Park Service's Superintendent, Brian O'Neill, calling for an independent investigation, and essentially telling him his excuses and explanations hold no water.

Back in January, the two California State assembly members asked O'Neill to look into allegations that a sewage holding tank on Alcatraz Island overflowed and was hosed into the bay rather than wiped up properly.

O'Neill wrote back that an internal investigation had been done and all claims were false -- except according to our elected officials, his evidence doesn't support his claims. In addition, one of the whistleblowers who saw the spill, a National Parks Conservancy employer named Dan Cooke, has been fired, apparently for speaking up.