Brains on campus


By Marke B.

Maybe I've become horribly desensitized to unexpected, unexplainable, realtime violence in the past four years, thanks to constant devastating casualty reports coming back from the country we fucked up even more, but the first thing that jumped into my head on hearing about Virginia Tech -- other than thinking the AP had made a typo when they reported 29 dead an hour after reporting 1 dead -- was: "Isn't this what it's like in Iraq, like, three times a day?"

The V-Tech tragedy is horrendous and hits geographically closer to home, but try watching this, called "Brains on Campus," from the amazing "Hometown Baghdad" series of independently produced vids, and not freaking out about the terror that Iraqi college students have been going through for years during our occupation.

Of course, these are/were Iraqis -- they don't matter as much as Americans, I guess. We'll never have their pictures splashed across the front pages, listing their hobbies, interests, hometowns, and Facebook tribute urls. Or will we? Maybe V-Tech will open our eyes a bit more to the tragedy we ignited just a nightflight past Virginia and inspire a little more empathy. Or maybe Bush will just use it to justify attacking Norway, with Congress's permission. Isn't that basically what happened with 9/11 and Iraq?

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