Another Chance to Impeach on the Beach!


By Sarah Jane Phelan

As Bush and his pit bull Cheney try to spin their way out of their lies about Iraq, and everything else for that matter.
San Francisco cabbie and writer Brad Newsham once again invites you to lie down and send a simple message about this administration to the world: “Impeach now!”
Photo Credit: John Montgomery

And no, you won’t have to take your clothes off to make a statement.
TN-SantaCruz1.jpg Photo Credit: Stephen Laufer

“My whole intention is to give a visual to the Impeachment process. There’s been lots of chatter and bluster and rage, but no visual icon,” says Newsham, who will pay a helicopter pilot $650 to fly over Ocean Beach at 11am on Saturday, April 28, and snap pix of the 2,000 or so demonstrators who are expected to lie down and spell the I-word with their bodies between 10: 30 am and 12 noon
“Listening to radio stations talk about the various options with the situation in Iraq, --‘Is it a surge or a trickle?’—it’s clear there are no good answers. But one thing is clear: this administration has no answers other than the wrong ones. Everywhere they lead us is the wrong direction. Ever since the Downing Street Memo was released, I‘ve been flabbergasted that people get up and go to work: we have been hijacked and used by their lies and manipulations, sedated by TV, paralyzed by fear, while they are draining our treasury for their own purposes. Impeachment should have happened long ago.”