Dem Con, 2 pm: The nuts have a choir


By Tim Redmond

Barack Obama is scheduled to speak shortly after 2 pm, but first we have to pass a rather large and loud choir that is performing in the convention lobby. I catch the posters in front, talking about the unlimited potential of nuclear energy and the tagling at the bottom:

Yes, it's the followers of Lyndon LaRouche, one of the great oddballs of American politics -- and they are singing. "What do you think?" one of them asks me. "I think Lyndon LaRouche is a nut," I answer, honestly. The young man is deeply offended: "How can he be a nut when he's mastered the technique of the human voice"?

"Yeah," says another one. "We have used scientific principles to create a beautiful choir."

(Photo by Dave Rolland)

He's still a nut.

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