Artists put down paint brushes and pin Lennar down


By Sarah Phelan

Shipyard artist Lynn Rubenzer in her studio

So, the artists at Hunters Point Shipyard succeeded in getting their concerns mentioned in the "Conceptual Framework" for the Bayview Hunters Point redevelopment project, which is more than they had a week ago.
States the new improved draft, "The Project shall provide at affordable rates new or renovated permanent space at the Shipyard sufficient to accommodate the existing artists. The construction of the Project must be phased to ensure that the existing artists have the right to move to the new or renovated permanent space, without being displaced from the Shipyard. To achieve these objectives, the City, the Agency and the Primary Developer will work in consultation with the artists to create the plan for the permanent affordable facilities, including any relocation plan."
Now, objectives aren't quite the same as the end product. Experience suggests that the artists are gonna have to focus on a whole bunch of meetings if they're going to have a prayer of keeping Building 101 and getting a Shipyard Center for the Arts, as they apparently would like.
Especially, if the 49ers dump San Francisco for Santa Clara as planned.
sure, Lennar's conceptual framework also aims to "ensure the revitalization of the Project Site, comprised of Candlestick Point and Phase 2 of the Shipyard, and the generation of public benefits to the community and the City from development, even if the 49ers do not build a new stadium at the site." But that doesn't mean anyone, least of the artists, should take their eyes of the ball just yet, especially as the debate about an early transfer of the shipyard's Parcel B, C, D, E and F is far from over. Stay tuned.