Marginalizing Theresa Sparks


By Tim Redmond

The Chronicle was a day late with the news of what went on at the Police Commission Wednesday night, and its story today was stunning in how it missed the point. Is it not at all worthy of mention that, for the first time in the history of the United States, a transgender person became president of a big-city police commission?

No, apparently not for the Chron, which instead refered to new president Theresa Sparks as "chief executive officer of sex-toy retailer Good Vibrations." The person who she defeated for the top job, Joe Marshall, was referred to as "a nationwide expert on juvenile justice."

No mention in this story of Sparks rather remarkable life and her qualifications for the job. (That info couldn't have been too hard to find; it was right in the Chron's own archives.)

My opinion? Outgoing president Louise Renne has been trying to marginalize Sparks and undermine her authority before she can even get started. Robert Haaland has a nice analysis in Leftinsf.

Full disclosure: My domestic partner is acting director of the Office of Citizen Complaints, which means she works for the Police Commission.

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