The progressive convention


By Tim Redmond

Supervisor Chris Daly is calling for a convention June 2nd to nominate a progressive candidate for mayor. It's a nice idea, and I'm all for it -- except that it would be a pretty major bust if we didn't have anyone prepared to acutally run for mayor at that point.

So the convention forces the left to get its act together and sets a deadline for someone to come forward and agree to be the nominee. At this point, I'm seeing Ross Mirkarimi and Daly as the only two viable options, and I'm not yet entirely sure either one of them wants to do it. If Matt Gonzalez is going to run, it won't be at this convention; he's nowhere near ready to announce anything yet, and he tells me the only way he'd get in the race is later on, if there's no viable candidate. (If either Daly or Mirkarimi is in the race, he won't run at all.)

Paul Hogarth at BeyondChron argues that perhaps we shouldn't bother at all; Newsom hasn't been able to do all that much damage since he's so weak, and every now and then he does something decent, so

"progressives should consider what part of their issue-based agenda is really getting stalled. It’s frustrating to have a Mayor who won’t even attend Question Time after the voters approved it, but the real question is whether progressives are better off letting Newsom be a lame duck for the next five years – than awakening a vindictive Mayor who would be more formidable after his re-election."

I think there's just too much coming up in the next four years (including the wholesale rezoning of the eastern neighborhoos, which is the last battle for blue-collar jobs and affordable housing in San Francisco) to let Newsom win without a fight. We might as well get on with it.