The War on Mother's Day


By Sarah Phelan

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My 20-year-old son called me on Mother’s Day. He could only talk for a minute, because he was calling from a National Guard camp, where he’s training before deploying to Iraq, and all the other soldiers-in-training wanted a turn talking to their moms and families, too.Afterwards I choked up. I’ve been opposed to invading Iraq, ever since Bush began banging the anti-Saddam war drums in November 2001, so it’s hard to see my son volunteer at this time in history. I worry about what will happen once my son gets to Iraq, but I can’t stop him from making his own decisions.
What I can stop is Bush from getting away with bloody murder. We all know that his administration spun up a bunch of lies to invade Iraq in March 2003. We all found out the hard way that it was easier for Bush to tell these lies than it was for us to debunk them, especially once US troops were on the ground. Since then we’ve all witnessed how ruthless the Bush regime has been when it comes to smearing those who have challenged their lies. And no one wants to be accused of not supporting the troops.
But giving Bush more money for his war in Iraq is not supporting the troops. It’s supporting the Bush lie. I don’t blame America that my son signed up, but I will blame myself, if I don’t try to air the truth about Bush’s war. And if my son, who is Canadian, is prepared to fight for this country, Americans should be prepared to defend their Constitution, which has been under constant attack since Bush and his cronies came to power. So, don't tell me there's nothing you can do. Support the troops, bring them home. Defend America, defend the Constitution. It's in your hands.