Was there $20,000 in Ed Jew's safe?


Guardian photo of Ed Jew by Charles Russo
By Steven T. Jones
The Examiner today repeats their big scoop in the FBI raid of Sup. Ed Jew's office: that agents found $20,000 in his safe that had come from a constituent seeking help with regulatory issues. This is the real story, which the Chron has missed as they chase the small potatoes allegation that he doesn't regularly sleep in his house in the district.
"The men paid $40,000 for the consultant’s services, Jew said, $20,000 of which ended up in Jew’s safe. He did not elaborate on how the money got into his safe, but told The Examiner on Friday that he planned to spend it on community needs, including a playground, in his district," reports the Examiner.
If that's true -- and the Examiner now appears to be standing by its initial report -- then Jew should resign immediately and focus on trying to stay out of prison