City Attorney smacks down Jew's PUC investigation request, launches investigation into Jew


Sarah Phelan

In addition to telling Supervisor Ed Jew that disclosure of his public records, including his PUC water usage records is permitted "because you stated in your letter and in comments to the public that your father's home is also your residence", City Attorney Dennis Herrera has asked the beleagured supe to provide the following information before next Tuesday, May 29 (which could be tricky since Jew is currently in China),: a copy of Jew's 2006 state and federal tax returns; a copy of his driver's licence; a copy of his vehicle registration cards; a copy of his utility bills--gas and electric, waste removal; cable or satellite TV bills; and telephone bills for his 28th Avenue residence between June 1and April 30, 2007. (Note to self: don't get into hot water with city attorney, until you've got your personal records filed and ready to go.)
Meanwhile, further analysis of Jew's water usage shows that no water was consumed in March and April 2007, that only 3 units (3 x 748 gallons) was consumed in January and February 2007, and I unit (748 gallons) was consumed in November and December 2006. Prior to that, the only water units shown are from an unbilled balance already on the account before Jew established service there on September 11, 2006.