Sometimes it's just too easy


by Amanda Witherell

The pugnacious Nathan Nayman photo courtesy of

Now, I know it's easy to get really jealous when other people write better than you do but plagiarism is still the deadliest of sins when it comes to putting the word out.

But don't let that stop Nathan Nayman!
Did you catch his op-ed against Community Choice Aggregation in last Wednesday's Examiner? Did you catch that two paragraphs of it were lifted nearly WORD-FOR-WORD from a letter PG&E sent to community organizations about a month ago? The statement expressed the utility company's concerns, STRANGELY SIMILAR to Nayman's, about the CCA plan to bring more renewable energy to San Francisco. I guess PG&E sent one of those letters to Nayman's Committee on Jobs, too. I wonder if they put a check for another $50,000 in the envelope, too. I called Nayman to ask, but he hasn't called me back yet.