The good side of Daly for Mayor



By Tim Redmond

Late this afternoon, I'm hearing rumblings that Ross Mirkarimi is, indeed, reconsidering his options and might possibly be considering a mayor run, after all. Maybe he'll show up at the convention tomorrow and announce. I'm only talking rumors here; I can't reach Mirkarimi himself, and he has come pretty close to ruling himself out in the past few weeks. It would be a big change of mind.

I think I've made it pretty clear that Ross would be one of my top choices for mayor. But if he doesn't run, and Chris Daly does, well ... my previous blog item notwithstanding (as the lawyers say), I want to go out on a limb here and point out some of the positive things that could come out of that campaign.

Just off the top of my head:

1. It sure would be lively. Daly's a fighter; he has a temper and sometimes says things (and does things) that are a bit impolitic, but he wouldn't back down and wouldn't give Newsom even a little break.

2. He's good on all the issues. Daly's a real left-progressive, and (unlike Newsom) he actually cares about, and talks about, and works on, issues of poverty, inequality and injustice.

3. He's a Democrat, which means Democratic party loyalists like Carole Migden wouldn't be able to duck the race or side with Newsom on the basis of party affiliation. Migden might even endorse him.

4. In fact, a lot of people who try to walk a middle line and still be called progresisves would have to make a bright-line choice here. Daly v. Newsom; it don't get much more basic than that.

5. Daly complains all the time that he hates being a politician, but the truth is, he has a future in this town. He's young and bright and will be a serious candidate for higher office in the future. A good run in the mayor's race this year could set him up for future campaigns.

6. Just imagine if he won.

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