No mayor candidate tomorrow? That's okay ...


By Tim Redmond

I had high hopes that Chris Daly's progressive convention would force one of the reluctant candidates (Matt Gonzalez, Ross Mirkarimi, Aaron Peskin) to come forward an announce a campaign for mayor, but that doesn't seem to be happening. And now, according to BeyondChron, Daly is saying the convention may close with nobody formally seeking or getting the nod.

Which is fine -- and right now, is probably the best outcome. Yeah, Daly more or less promised a candidate, and yeah, he could still deliver by announcing that's he's going to run himself, but I'm not sure that's the best strategy for anyone involved at this point.

There's still a chance that Gonzalez will run (although he's not ready to announce yet). We may have to wait longer than we wanted for a contender. But right now, I'd rather wait than than try to make a statement for the purpose of making a statement.

The convention will be a great opportunity to talk about the race. It's still a good idea. If it doesn't turn out the way Daly or anyone else planned, such is life on the San Francisco left, where nothing ever turns out the way you expect.

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