Ed Jew: "I don't spend my money this way and I'll bet you don't either."


By Sarah Phelan

Cannot get enough of the Sunset Beacon!
In a recent "Update on District Affairs" column for the neighborhood paper, Jew writes about why he and Sups. Michela Alioto Pier, Sean Elsbernd and Geraldo Sandoval, opposed Sup. Chris Daly's $28 million supplemental appropriation for a variety of affordable housing programs.
Since we were kinda wondering about that vote (unlike Jew we don't own 13 properties in and around San Francisco and therefore we could seriously use some more affordable housing), we read on.
"Some supervisors [that would be seven out of eleven supervisors, Ed] believe this money needs to go to affordable housing because the taxpayers have twice, in recent years, turned down the opportunity to pay more property taxes intended for housing."
"Of course we need affordable housing, but a last-minute budget raid is not the way to get it, "continues Jew, who claims he was "particularly puzzled" that the $28 million request contained $5 million for the Housing Authority, "an agency," writes Jew that spends money so badly that former Mayor Art Agnos has just been named it court-appointed receiver for the purpose of forcing the agency to pay its bills. There are no strings attached to the $5 million--it is basically a blank check. I don't spend my money this way and I'll bet you don't either."
Actually, Ed, now that you've mentioned it, we've been wanting to ask you about the $40,000 cash in your office safe, and how you were planning to spend it. See you at the Board meeting, tomorrow.