More nuclear on the bill


by Amanda Witherell

It's taken awhile, but Congress is finally moving toward federal legislation that would combat global warming in concert with the 2007 Energy Bill. The first of possible options was introduced today by New Mexico's Senator Jeff Bingaman, and calls for all states to generate or purchase 15 percent of their power from renewable sources. That's almost as good as what California already does, but definitely an improvement for the 26 states that don't have such a mandate.

However, Binagaman's Republican statesman, Pete Domenici is already trying to kick the knees out of the bill with an amendment to allow more nuclear power plants and so far unproven carbon capture sequestration technology to be permitted to meet that goal.

The Union of Concerned Scientists already has a "write your rep" campaign going...if you don't think it'll matter, remember all those border fanatics that stalled the immigration bill last week.

You can make a diff, too.