FIRE DRILL AT THE CHRON BUILDING!!! Oh wait, it’s just empty from all the cuts. Sorry.


By G.W. Schulz

During a conversation we had recently with a certain interview subject regarding layoffs at the Chron, this person was sure to correct us by distinguishing between actual “layoffs” and “buyouts.” Well, sure, buyouts might taste slightly better, but they’re both still poison for your career. Just ‘cause management prefers to call them something else doesn’t make “downsizing” settle any easier.

More announced departures at the Chron, by the way, if that’s the description you’d prefer. A foreign and national correspondent named Anna Badkhen who reported from Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya and New Orleans after Katrina is leaving for the Boston Globe. She was also a one-time Moscow bureau chief for the Chron. Romenesko picked up a memo from the Globe on the move.

Another familiar byline, Patrick Hoge, is leaving after nearly 20 years at the Chron. He wrote regularly about homelessness, health care and mental illness. Reporter Glen Martin, also with the Chron for nearly 20 years, is leaving as well.

Meanwhile, as we noted earlier, the Merc has officially announced 40 newsroom cuts. No one knows yet who’s leaving, but there will be no buyouts, we've gathered. Buyouts. Layoffs. Whatever they're calling them.

Anyway, guess what! The San Jose Newspaper Guild is offering one-time grants of $500 for families caught in a financial crises as a result of the cuts! That should about cover the mortgage, utilities, groceries and the kid's flu medicine for about, oh … a week?

Old Chron building, c. 1900

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