Merc announces 40 newsroom layoffs


By G.W. Schulz

Well, it's not the 60 or so jobs former San Mateo County Times editor John Bowman said were pending, but it's still a big hunk of the Merc's newsroom. And no one can argue this will mean more news. In fact, considering reporters are asked everyday to do more with the Web (like a quick online story plus their full-length for the deadwood edition) those surviving cuts at the dailies should be getting a little pissed off by now.

On the other hand, they're probably just grateful to still have jobs. Wonderful way to keep the rank-and-file in line. Merc reporter Pete Carey corrects our earlier numbers, too, explaining that 15 people were laid off from the paper in December while more than 50 people were bought out before the most recent round of cuts was announced. (Buyouts aren't a dreamy alternative to layoffs, by the way, no matter how management prefers to characterize them.)

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