by Amanda Witherell

Solar panel.jpeg

This afternoon Mayor Gavin Newsom signed legislation permitting the city to move forward with its plan for Community Choice Aggregation.

Rumors were flying around all week that Newsom might veto, especially after his press conference coup with PG&E last week. PG&E is none too keen on this CCA thing.

That's because it intends to kick PG&E's ass at the renewables game. But what's a little friendly competition? The plan is for the city to build or buy 51 percent of our electricity from renewable sources, which is permitted under a state law pushed by Carole Migden in 2002, and some 30 percent more than what PG&E is offering. Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Ross Mirkarimi have spent the last few years hammering out legislation and what they came up with was passed by nearly all their fellow board members. (Alioto-Pier and Jew were the no-go's.)

Newsom issued a letter expressing his concern that the plan must "meet or beat" PG&E's rates in the first 60 days, but ended on a lighter note with his commitment to "moving forward expeditiously." He's asked the SFPUC to get on it by July 15. They'll be issuing a Request for Information, followed by a formal call for proposals for more wind, water, and sun power in the city.