Arnold's thin green veneer


By Steven T. Jones
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest hypocritical move to undermine California's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions shouldn't surprise anyone. He has always been a political opportunist who seized the environmentalist label last year simply to score political points. The LA Times did the definitive piece on the ruse a couple months back, which closes with Arnold's own secretly recorded admission about the fraud. Most recently, The Economist magazine analyzed how unlikely California is to meet its lofty goals for addressing climate change. But that's the idea, right? Politicians set ambitious goals that make them look good today, with deadlines set for well after they're out of office.
The only surprise here is that anyone is surprised. Then again, the Chronicle did endorse the guy last year (facilitating a deceptive and rapid rehabilitation of his once tattered image), so maybe they're feeling a little foolish in retrospect.