More Ed Jew fireworks


By Sarah Phelan


City Attorney Dennis Herrera issued a statement at about 7 PM tonight, concerning Sup. Jew's reply brief
to the Attorney General's in Quo Warranto Action--and Herrera sounded none too pleased.

Maybe it was because Jew's attorneys filed the beleagured supervisor's reply brief just moments before the close of business today, (when most of the City had already left early in preparation for July 4.) Or maybe Herrera was incensed by Jew's attorneys, who are arguing that City Attorney Dennis Herrera's quo warranto petition, which seeks permission to sue for Jew's removal from elective office, should be denied.

In a nutshell, Jew's attorneys say that the City Attorney's civil case should be stayed pending the adjudication of criminal charges against the District Four supervisor, which means, until the feds are done with him.

All of which got City Attorney Dennis Herrera issuing the following statement, which should be read while drinking beer, watching the fireworks and reminiscing on your favorite Ed Jew story:

"The citizens of San Francisco have a right to legitimate representation in their democracy that clearly outweighs the right of one politician to remain in office in violation of the law. The evidence is overwhelming that Supervisor Jew failed to meet the basic residency requirements to seek or continue to hold his office. It would be a terrible injustice if the legitimacy of our Board of Supervisors were to remain in doubt for the duration of a criminal process, which could take years."

Herrera's response brief is due to Attorney General Jerry Brown by July 13, 2007. Thirteen, Huh? That should be interesting. In the meantime, to review all the materials the City Attorney' has collected as part of this investigation check out .