Scooting Away with a Bang


By Sarah Phelan


George W. Bush clearly enjoys fireworks.
With a huge uproar going on over his July 2 decision to spare former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby a 30-month prison sentence, Bush is now stoking the flames by saying he won’t rule out a pardon.
Boom! Boom-boom-boom! Kapow, kapow, pow!

I can see G.W., kicking back at the ranch this Fourth of July, and laughing at all the bloggers like me who will spend today sounding off over his decision to let Scooter scoot away, instead of doing what folks outta do on July 3: stock up on Catherine wheels and bottle rockets.
"I made a judgment, a considered judgment, that I believe was the right decision to make in this case," Bush told CNN as he left the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Was he enjoying the mental image of more leftists exploding, as it hit them that he, GW, had the nerve to talk about letting Scooter go scott free, even as he was finishing up visiting wounded vets of the war in Iraq. Kaboom, Kabul!
Or maybe the irony was lost on him.

So, will there be no justice in this whacked out, fireworking world?

Valerie Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson told CNN today that Bush's decision puts the president himself under suspicion of a cover-up in the case.

"I think there is a very real suspicion now that the president himself is an accessory to obstruction of justice in this matter,” said Wilson, whose wife worked in the CIA’s counter-proliferation division, before Bush, Cheney, Scooter, Wolfowitz et al decided that invading Iraq would make for really great fireworks.

I guess Bush et al are banking that, come next Fourth of July, we’ll all have forgotten who Scooter, Robert Novak, Richard Armitrage and Karl Rove are. Funny how some darn big explosions can distract from the truth.