Holy shit! Josh wolf is running for mayor!


By G.W. Schulz

So, people want to hate Josh Wolf for being what they perceive as a lawless anarchist. But he's just so damn polite. He defies virtually every useless assumption about the actual history of anarchism (still little-known among many Americans).

Wolf is like the consummate Boy Scout, but with badges that feature political slogans and old crustcore bands instead. My mom would love this guy's manners -- the way he politely addresses everyone he communicates with and doesn't seem to really have a hostile bone in his body.

And now he's running for mayor. Jeez, Wolf's already spent half the year in prison, and now he has to run against The Douchebag, because no one else wants to do it? (I have good reason for nicknaming Gavin "The Douchebag" -- he's always reminded me of the elitist bad guy from Better Off Dead who stole John Cusack's girlfriend.) Good luck, Joshua. At least someone's going to make The Douchbag work for it. Jello Biafra couldn't even claim a prison stint when he ran for mayor back in 1979.

The Gentleman*
The Douchebag
Challenge to be reffed by Jello
"There's always room for Jello"

*Photo from www.joshwolf.net

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