Wolf in candidate's clothing


By Steven T. Jones
Josh Wolf -- the San Francisco blogger and videographer who spent months in prison for refusing to turn over to the cops raw footage of a protest where an officer was injured -- has announced his candidacy for mayor, promising tor bring a host of fresh, relevant issues in the race. He's calling for the city to sever many of its ties to the federal government, implement a community-based policing plan, bring more transparency into government (which he'll start on the campaign by wearing a mounted streaming video camera, ala Justin.tv), making Muni free and bicycle path ubiquitous, facilitating more parties in the neighborhoods, and creating a public works program to give jobs to the poor. It's a pretty bold and progressive agenda that will ideally spark good discussions. Maybe Newsom will even rip off a few of Wolf's idea, as he is wont to do. But the real value of this candidacy seems to be to highlight the need for police reform and accountability, something that doesn't seem to interest Newsom in the least.