Ed Jew's lawyer goes into ironic attack dog mode


By Sarah Phelan


In what could be the most ironic moment of the Ed Jew saga so far, Jew's attorney Steven Gruel is accusing the City Attorney's response to a recent public records disclosure request of being "woefully incomplete."

This from the attorney of the "D4" Supervisor, who still hasn't been able to prove that he actually lives in the district that he is supposed to be representing at City Hall.

Gruel's ironic accusation followed Jew's July 11 request that the City Attorney's office immediately disclose all communications regarding the investigation of Jew''s "official Residence or any allegations of his 'official misconduct.'"

When Deputy City Attorney Chad Jacobs invoked an extension--citing the 'voluminous nature" of Gruel's request, plus the fact that other docs might be covered by "attorney work product privilege" --Gruel accused City Attorney Dennis Herrera of "skirting" the public records act request.

This from the attorney who applied for and got an extension from the City Attorney on behalf of his client not once but three times, but still failed to provide complete materials or make his client available for an interview--a request that doesn't seem that hard given that Jew's office is just around the corner from Herrera's.

But maybe the proximity of that office is bothering Jew, because now his attorney Gruel is also demanding that the Attorney General's Office disqualify Herrera and the entire City's Attorney's office from Quo Warranto proceedings for "submitting false/misleading information", and "abandoning all objectivity."

"Mr. Herrera's hot pursuit of this issue from the outset indicated that political motive, rather than the public good, is his guiding consideration," Gruel claims, in a package of to-and-fro correspondence now making the media rounds.

This comes at the end of a week that began with it suddenly occurring to Mayor Gavin Newsom--just as the deadline passed for removing Jew from office in time for a D4 candidate to run this fall --that maybe the $40,000 in cash deal that the FBI is investigating, might be grounds for the Mayor to also boot Jew out of office.

With so many recall attempts in the air this election season, will Jew also become a recall target? Stay tuned.

PS: Jim Sutton Watch -- In his response to Gruel, Herrera argues that his office shouldn't be disqualified, although Gruel's co-counsel in the case, the notorious Jim Sutton, should.

"As you are will aware," Herrera wrote, "Mr. Sutton provides legal representation to both Mayor Gavin Newsom and District Attorney Kamala Harris, in their private capacities and/or their respective campaign entities. It is likely a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct to provide representation to Mr. Jew in this matter without first having received informed written consent from these clients."

Sutton told us he hasn't read the letter and has no comment. We're checking to see if Harris or Newsom provided any written waiver; we'll let you know.