Earthquakes and nukes



By Tim Redmond

Back in the early 1980s, San Francisco's Public Media Center did a campaign against PG&E's Diablo Canyon nuclear plant with a slogan that read:

"A nuclear plant on an earthquake fault? PG&E is making the mistake of our lives."

You see, Diablo's built right smack atop the active Hosgri Fault.

PG&E has always insisted that there's no problem, that the plant is perfectly safe, that even a severe quake wouldn't cause any problems.

I'm sure the folks at Tokyo Electric Power said the same thing.

Except that their nuke just spilled some radioactive shit into the ocean, had to be shut down and is sparking calls for better nuclear safety. In fact, Japan, which has invested heavily in nukes, is starting to have some second thoughts.

I wonder what all the pro-nukers will be saying after the inevitable big quake hits San Luis Obispo and Diablo becomes a massive safety hazard. Maybe they'll realize they made the mistake of our lives.

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