Janet Reilly for mayor?


small janet.jpg
By Steven T. Jones
The word is that Chris Daly is meeting with supporters tonight to decide whether to run for mayor. It could probably go either way. Meanwhile, there's an increasingly strong movement underway to draft Janet Reilly into running for mayor. She didn't return my call asking about it, but we're hearing from some who say she's thinking about it. The advantages of a Reilly run are that she could dump lots of her own money into the campaign, she's a woman, she's good-looking and smart, she doesn't bring a lot of negative baggage with her, she's acceptable to many progressives and many swells, and she'd capture a lot of voters who are sick of both Newsom and Daly.
In fact, she could even win, particularly if Daly got in and he, Ahimsa Sumchai, and Chicken John were hitting Newsom from the left and Tony Hall was taking his nastiest punches from the right. Reilly could stay above the fray and be there to take advantage of a Newsom meltdown, which is always a possibility. Hmmm, it's something to think about, at least for the two days until the Friday 5 p.m. deadline.