Naked Ambition and the Mayor's Race


By Sarah Phelan


Photo by Sarah Phelan

George "Naked Yoga Guy" Davis started to strip off in City Hall, yesterday, shortly after filing his mayoral papers.

Homeless taxi driver and mayoral candidate Grasshopper Alec Kaplan has already removed the numbers from beleagured "D4" supervisor Ed Jew's alleged house in the Sunset District.

Fellow mayoral challenger and fierce blogger H. Brown has been shooting his mouth off about politics for years.


And then of course there is artist Chicken John Rinaldi, who pronounces his name Ri-NAL-di.

But supporters of Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai are accusing the Chronicle of being in Newsom's back pocket after the daily managed to omit all mention of Sumcahi from its August 11 coverage of the race.

Ahimsa outside City Hall on August 10, shortly before filing her mayoral papers.

True, Dr. Sumchai was 20 minutes late for her own August 10 press conference--a tardiness she put down to having to travel by public transit.

But Sumchai's name is clearly on the list of mayoral candidates, and she has been talking about her candidacy since January, when Lennar's failure to properly monitor and control asbestos dust at Hunters Point Shipyard inspired her to enter the race.


Josh Wolf, who is also running for mayor, says his decision wasn't about payback. (Readers may recall that Newsom refused to add his signature to a Board resolution that publicly protested federal interference into an investigation into who assaulted an SFBD officer during a G8 protest turned violent --interference that enabled authorities to circumvent state-approved shield laws and thus keep Wolf in jail for 7 months for refusing to give up his video outtakes of the protest.
"But I'm shocked that Newsom refused to accept a cap on his relection campaign contributions , which have already surpassed $1.6 million," said Wolf. "What's he afraid of?"
Free at last, Wolf files for Mayor of San Francisco

Meanwhile, with rumor having it that Newsom wanted to use Eminem's Lose Yourself as his 2003 election jingle, what would be an appropriate theme song for Newsom's 2007 reelection bid,?

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, the Naked Yoga Guy...
...didn't take it ALL off. At least not this time around.