PG&E in need of copy editors


by Amanda Witherell

Ahh, this is so good. I almost don't want to point it out, but hey, we hardly get any laughs when it comes to PG&E.

The corporation recently revived its dormant "Close it Coalition," a fake grassroots community group they cooked up to show the $12 billion company really cares about the pollution their power plant was spewing into the southeast neighborhoods. Now they're opposed to the city's plan to build its own peaker power plant there because of, they claim, the pollution in "our" neighborhood. Most likely they're really against it because it would be owned by the city and not them, but read this Wednesday's issue for more on that.

Anyway they printed up a bunch of mailers that were sent to the Potrero neighborhood, inviting folks to join the Close It Coalition and oppose the new peakers. They also invite you to their website:

Oops, looks like they forgot they aren't a nonprofit. It's actually

It also looks like they bought up the alternate domain names of their enemies at and routed them to PG&E's bogus green web site.

Which means they're calling themselves greenwashers. Ha ha. Dorks. My work here is done.

In other greenwashing news: we also heard they nominated themselves for an environmental justice award from the EPA. In the words of our source on that tidbit, "Who nominates themselves for an award?"

Double dorks.