Ed Jew For Wine and Food


By Sarah Phelan


OK, so "Ed Jew Legal Defense Fund For Wine and Food" probably isn't what Jew meant when his team sent out this pulp fictionesque style invite (pictured above,) but the wording sure makes it look that way.

As the info on the inside of the "Support Jew's speedy trial" envelope notes, City Law does not allow Supervisors to set up "legal defense funds" per se. Instead it allows them to raise $100 per source for "post-election legal proceedings," in addition to the regular $500 in campaign funds.

That means if you already chipped in $500 to get Jew elected, you can add another $100 dollop . If not, you can give the whole $600 enchilada. Readers will doubtless remember that Jew's legal problems began after he took $40,000 in cash from the owners of a tapioca bubble drink chain. So, we couldn't help noticing that Jew's fund raising event at Pier 33 is being hosted by Seafood Suppliers. Not that we're saying that any of this sounds fishy, or anything.