Meet the Candidates: Chicken John Rinaldi


The Bay Guardian is interviewing the candidates for the 2007 elections. Unfortunately, our tape recorder crapped out during our hilarious interview with Chicken John, so we can only offer his info below. We'll be updating this entry as more information comes in. Post your thoughts or comments below.

Chicken John Rinaldi


Chicken John asked us to endorse him for second place. When asked if his campaign was akin to a hamster running on a wheel, Rinaldi elaborated on the twin issues that he holds dear to his heart -- art and innovation -- by talking about innovative ways to streamline the current complexities that artists, performers, and others must face when trying to get a permit to put on an event in San Francisco.

"I'm running for the idea of San Francisco," Rinaldi told us, and claims to be painting a campaign logo in the style of a mural on the side of his warehouse in the Mission district. "It's going to say, 'Chicken, it's what's for Mayor,' or 'Chicken, the other white Mayor," Rinaldi said.

Click here for Chicken John's video blog

Visit the Guardian 2007 Election Center for updates, more interviews, and 2007 election news.

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