Bad news for Ed Jew


Ed Jew's lawyer is bailing out. This can't be good news for the suspended supervisor. Lawyer Bill Fazio cites "irreconcilable differences," which in legalese generally means "my client wants me to do something that's moronic or unethical and I'm not going to get caught in that swamp." It could also mean "my client doesn't want to pay my hourly rate anymore," which, given the complexity and extent of Jew's problems, isn't a good sign either. But generally, when it's about money the client just fires the lawyer. For Fazio to petition the court for the right to quit means things are probably going very badly.

The guy is not helping himself. I'm still convinced that if Ed Jew had resigned when all the trouble started, the San Francisco DA would have dropped the charges against him, and the feds might have just let it go. Now he's facing serious federal charges, he's out of office and almost certainly not coming back and he's facing the real prospect of prison time. What, exactly, is he thinking?

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