Another housing plan


Randy Shaw checks in today with another housing action plan for the city. I'm getting a real sense of urgency on this, all over town, a feeling that San Francisco needs some sort of comprehensive housing legislation. I still like a prop. M for housing, but Randy's idea that the city needs to buy up as much land and as many buildings as possible also should be part of the mix.

The only problem with the city buying land and buildings is figuring out what happens next. Either the city mainstains the buildings, becomes the landlord and rents them out, or the city turns it over to a nonprofit to do that job -- or, if we want affordable ownership housing for middle-class people, which is part of Randy's platform, the buildings need to be sold as part of a land trust to make sure they stay affordable forever. Otherwise it's only affordable housing until the owner decides to cash in and sell at some astronomical price.

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