Jerry Brown gives City green light to sue Jew


Photo by Charles Russo

The sun may be shining, but it's raining legal cats and dogs for suspended Sup. Ed Jew.

On the eve of a preliminary hearing by the City's Ethics Commission into charges of official misconduct by Supervisor Jew, California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. has granted City Attorney Dennis Herrera's application for leave to sue in quo warranto to remove Jew from the Board of Supervisors for failure to comply with the City Charter's residency requirements .

The ruling comes a little more than three weeks after Mayor Gavin Newsom initiated official misconduct proceedings against Jew and suspended the District 4 supervisor, replacing him, at least for now, with political rookie Carmen Chu.

City Attorney Herrera says that in llight of the Ethics Commission's preliminary hearing tomorrow, he intends, "to carefully evaluate" the legal options.
"In the coming days, I will decide how best to represent the City's interest in concluding a crisis that has clouded the legitimacy of San Francisco's representative government for too long," Herrera said in a press release.

Tomorrow's preliminary Ethics Commission hearing takes place at 1:30 p.m. in Room 416, City Hall.