American Journalism Review decries Chronicle as vile cesspool of incomplete chores


Remember last year when Business Week, in a cover story about, described our offices as "grungy," and several major arteries located in the neck of our boss, Bruce Bruggman, nearly exploded? They also hilariously misidentified us as the SF Weekly.

The lack of imagination in American journalism makes for strange bedfellows, it turns out. In their August/September issue, the American Journalism Review described the Chronicle's offices downtown off of Fifth and Mission streets the same way, actually using the word "grungy."

Christ, assholes, do we really come off as that unkempt? Phil Bronstein didn't make his bed this morning, and I forgot to shave down south. Perhaps the glossies could teach us all out here on the Left Coast a thing or two about obsessive compulsion.

Or, they can loosen their ties and get a life. Either way, if they saw how neatly organized my cubicle was, they'd find a better adjective. My filing system would give even Jann Wenner an erection.

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