PG&E dropping the dime


Last bus to Oakland! The cell phone photographer who sent us this shot said the driver of the rented vans had been hired by PG&E to bus people to City Hall from the East Bay to speak against the peaker power plants

Who got a robo-call last night about the city's plan for new power plants? Was there something about three new fossil fuel power plants "right in the middle of the city" on your answering machine when you got home?

There was on ours:

"These new plants will further reliance of fossil fuels, add to global warming, and cost up to $500 million. And they aren’t even needed because there’s a green alternative. If you would like to join our efforts to stop the SFPUC, please press 1 or if you’d like more information please press 2. This call was paid for by the Close It Coalition with the proud sponsorship of PG&E. Find out more on"

PG&'re so tricky. Your press office never has time to return our calls for comment but you're dialing up half the city as part of your bogus campaign for clean energy.

The SFPUC will be discussing the peakers tomorrow -- Wednesday Oct. 31 -- at 2:30 in Room 400 at City Hall. Maybe PG&E will bus in some more people to speak against the peakers like they did for the last PUC hearing on Oct. 23.

Our source for that tidbit said he asked the driver of the rented Enterprise vans who had hired him and the response was PG&E and the A. Philip Randolph Institute. We asked APRI's executive director Guillermo Rodriguez if they bought the vans. He denied it, and said he has complete control over APRI's two credit cards and neither had been employed for such a task.

Up until two years ago, Rodriguez was Senior Director of Public Affairs for....Holy shit! PG&E. Last year, APRI received $85,000 in grants from PG&E. I wonder what they're doing with all that money?