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The Chron story Sunday portrayed the battle over transportation policy in San Francisco as Don Fisher vs. Aaron Peskin, but actually, Fisher is going further. He's mounting an all-out attack on the Board of Supervisors -- and a pro-Newsom campaign committee is helping out.

Fliers that went to the west side of town attack the supervisors as childish -- and attack Prop. A as "another transportation solution from the Board of Supervisors." The first flier is from the campaign against Prop. E -- that's question time, the measure that would require the mayor to appear before the board once a month. The second is from Fisher's campaign against Prop. A.

The nearly identical messages aren't a coincidence -- the fliers have the same return address (150 Post St. Suite 405, the office of campaign lawyer Jim Sutton) and both were done by Rich Schlackman, a campaign consultant who is working with both No on A and No on E.

The plan, clearly, is to make people think the supes are idiots -- then saddle Prop. A with that image. The fact that Schlackman, who is one of nation's top direct-mail experts and who also works with Nathan Nayman and the Committee on JOBS, has adopted this strategy signals downtown's continuing effort to go after the district-elected board. Expect more of this crap in the months to come.

BY THE WAY: The battle over Props. A and H is still close. Labor and environmental groups had 250 people out on the streets talking up Yes on A and No on H over the weekend, but if people don't turn out to vote, Don Fisher could get his way.

The Yes on A/No on H party is Tuesday night at El Rio.

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