Results -- big surprise!


Early results are in, and the mayor's race is no real surprise -- Gavin Newsom's at 77 percent, which is just the absentees, and that will drop. But the big news: In the very conservative absentees, Prop. A is just slightly behind -- and Prop. H is actually LOSING. That's over, and it's over big -- in the most important race for progressives, it looks like a clear and convincing victory. You can take this one to the bank -- Don Fisher has lost, big, and Prop A, the competing transit measure, has won.

The other big surprise: Prop. E, the measure that wll require -- and I said WILL require -- Gavin Newsom to appear before the Board of Supervisors for "question time" looks like it's going to pass. So Newsom wins -- but he's going to have to answer to his critics.

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